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We fix broken boats, paddles, bikes and rims using Carbon fibre and/ fiberglass

CarbonFix, a Somerset West business provides carbon and fiberglass repair services to paddling and cycling.  From a background of many years of surf ski and river paddling we have now moved into the very specialist area repairing carbon bicycles, wheels and components.

So a scratch, a ding or a boat broken in two, never think it cant be repaired, it can and is much cheaper than buying a new one.  We also repair and build up rock damaged paddle ends to extend paddle life and efficiency and the sooner you get this done the better.

With frames and wheels we have developed techniques to repair on the inside to minimize visual impact on the outside.  We have also developed techniques to repair aluminum frames and wheels using carbon.  This allows better stress distribution around the failure area, it overcomes the work hardening problems with aluminum and best of all eliminates the heat stress and burning problems associated with welded repairs.

Contact us any time on 081 279 4344 (WatsApp) or e mail

Send pictures and a description and we will give you a quote and repair time.

CarbonFix will get you back in your seat or saddle.

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